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Local Real Estate Marketing

Online marketing has become the primary element of real estate marketing for brokers, agents and corporations.

  • 9 of 10 home buyers rely on the Internet as their primary research source
  • 72% turn to the web as their first step to buying a house
  • 91% turn to the web as their first step to selling a house
The Internet is rated by brokers and agents as the most important channel to acquire new business, outside of referrals and repeat customers.

Melbourne Web and Design makes it easy to dominate Brevard County real estate, target Brevard County customers, communicate with existing customers and help get your listings on the map - all with a single, simple-to-use solution that saves you time and money.

92% of buyers and 81% of sellers will work with the first or second agent they meet. You better use the Internet be on the top of the real estate market!

Get Leads!

Luckily, you don't have to pay Trulia or Zillow to get top rankings, because increasingly real estate searches are becoming local. You can use the power of our local Brevard MLS site to gain exposure.

Get Listed!

But that's not all! Optimizing your business and your phone number for local search across Google, Google+ Local, Yahoo and local directories is essential to your real estate marketing strategy.

69% of people who take an action on a real estate site start with a local search.

My-Brevard-MLS optimizes you on Google, Google+ Local and over 50 online directories like Yelp, Yahoo!, Foursquare and CitySearch to ensure your real estate business is getting found in local searches.

My-Brevard-MLS can also help you rank better on mobile searches with our mobile optimized website.

Local Marketing:

With access to over 50,000 Brevard County customers across our publisher network, your real estate properties are distributed on a network of local and family sites.

Publish Once, Email Broadcast Everywhere:

With just one click, publish your news, announcements and events to your website, email subscribers, social media, and our local publisher network.

Email Marketing for Real Estate

Email marketing is still the #1 most effective direct marketing strategy which is why 85% plan to use email in 2013. My-Brevard-MLS makes email marketing easy, including building a list of prospects via local mobile marketing.

Real Estate Social Media

89% of real estate brokers and agents use social media regularly.

The top reasons they do so are:

  • Visibility/Exposure/Marketing
  • Free advertising
  • Easily stay in touch with multiple clients at once
  • Clients expect it
  • Building relationships/networking
  • Promoting listings
Facebook is a great way to stay top of mind, establish your expertise and target potential clients, but it takes time and expert techniques can increase effectiveness.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a phenomenal marketing tool for real estate professionals. It can help you connect with buyers and sellers in your market in ways a billboard with a big, toothy smile never could. It's not, however, a place to simply throw up your latest listings and brag about how many deals you've closed.

Effective Facebook marketing for real estate professionals depends a great deal on the type of content you post. Buying or selling a home is a huge life decision, meaning your prospective customers want to work with real estate pros they can trust.

You can position yourself as a friendly and knowledgeable real estate brand by sharing original content that's helpful, informative, and entertaining.

  • Want to build trust with your audience and create top-of-mind awareness for your real estate brand?
  • Want to be one of the top real estate pages to 'like' on Facebook?

Here are just some of the types of posts to share on Facebook for real estate professionals that will help position you as the go-to brand in your market:

1. Happy Customers

Those look like some happy folks, huh? New homeowners are brand ambassadors to the max. Share pictures of happy homeowners and your prospective customers will imagine themselves standing in front of a beautiful new home you just might happen to be selling. Bonus points if you can get a cute dog in the shot.

2. Market Conditions

What better way to establish your position as an expert real estate brand than to share juicy information about the local market? Your audience will appreciate the insight and will be more likely to turn to you when the time is right.

3. Home Improvement Tips

You don't need to live in a rusty, dilapidated shack to need home improvement tips. Your prospective customers are looking to improve their living situation, so why not provide them with tips that will help them improve their homes one fence post or ceiling fan at a time? Post home improvement tips and customers will see you as a brand that values its customers (and seriously hates chipped paint and cluttered cabinets).

4. Snazzy Interiors/Exteriors

Want to illicit ooh's and aah's from your audience? Post interior/exterior photos of beautiful/fancy/funky homes. Eye-catching photos are key to engagement on social media, and impressive home photos are a sure fire way to excite customers with home ownership on the mind.

5. Video

If you can't be with your customers in person, do the next best thing and share video clips. Whether it's a spotlight on a local issue as shown above or a walk through of your office, video is the fancy fireplace in the home you call a Facebook page.

6. Listing Galleries

Every once in a while, it's totally cool to straight-up sell on Facebook. Just don't be boring. Throw up high-quality images of your properties and make buyers drool. A gallery of professionally shot photos will do more for your brand than static classified ads of yore.

7. Open House Announcements

You're hosting an open house but you haven't alerted your Facebook audience? Shame on you! In all seriousness, Facebook is a great way to promote an upcoming open house. What better way to hook bored social users than to offer free cheese and wine?

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